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I Tried Making An Ig Famous Milkshake

I Tried Making An Ig Famous Milkshake

Like most teens, I was scrolling through Instagram and stubbled upon a picture that made me look twice. It was a picture of a “freakshake”, which is basically a milkshake that has all the bells and whistles (doughnuts, cotton candy, chocolate bars etc). I was instantly obsessed and wanted to try to make one on my on. Keep reading to find out why the crazy shakes have taken over your ig feed, my experience making one and most importantly, my recipe for a delicious smore’s freakshake.

What Is a Freakshake..and Why Are They Instagram Famous

As I mentioned earlier, a "Freakshake” is basically a milkshake that has lots of crazy toppings such as marshmallows, pretzels, cotton candy and slices of cake. Although they may not be the healthiest option, they are definitely worth a cheat day, as they are packed with fun flavors. Also, they are aesthetically pleasing, so sweet tooth's alike are quick to take a pic. After being uploaded to Instagram, some of the pictures went viral, which sent the internet into a freakshake craze.

My Experience

After looking at about a hundred freakshake posts, I decided to make on myself. First, I needed to decide what flavor I wanted to make it. There are lots of different flavors, the most popular being Cookies ‘n Cream, Salted Caramel, Smore’s, Chocolate and Birthday Cake. I ended up going with smore’s, as I already had all the ingredients I needed. Next, I needed to find the perfect glass. Although it took some time to find it, I finally found a cup that was the perfect size and shape. Lastly, I needed to gather my toppings. I already had a chocolate bar, marshmallows and a graham cracker readily available, but needed to find ingredients that would take my milkshake to the next level. What makes a freakshake so instagramable is the toppings, so it was necessary for me to use non-traditional smore’s ingredients in my shake. (I will share what ingredients I used in the recipe section of this post!). Lastly, I needed to make my drink look aesthetically pleasing. This is a crucial step, as a key part of a freakshake is it’s instagramable-ness.

My Recipe for A Smore’s Freakshake


4 Scoops of Phish Food Ice Cream (Ben and Jerry’s)

3/4 Cup of Milk

4 Ice Cubes

1 Package of Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Sprinkles (As much or as little as you want!)

3 Graham Cracker Halves

3 Marshmallows

Whip Cream (As much or as little as you want!)

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels



Butter Knife

Blowtorch (Or, any fire)




  1. Coat the rim of the cup with chocolate frosting using a butter knife

  2. Put a handful of chocolate sprinkles on a plate

  3. Roll the frosting part of the cup in the sprinkles

  4. Place cup in refrigerator

  5. Make milkshake using phish food ice cream, milk and ice cubes. Blend in a blender until desired consistency.

  6. Take the cup out of fridge and pour the milkshake into the cup

  7. Add Whip Cream on top

  8. Place pretzels and graham crackers in whip cream

  9. Roast marshmallows (You can use a blowtorch or an open flame) until they are a golden brown color.

  10. Place all the marshmallows on a straw (it should look like a marshmallow kabob)

  11. Put the marshmallow straw in the whip cream

  12. Add sprinkles on top

  13. Enjoy!

Smore’s Freakshake

Smore’s Freakshake

Smore’s Freakshake

Smore’s Freakshake

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